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Heath Millett is a musician that has been playing music since the early 90's. Known to many for his thundering bass lines, bare feet and stage antics. He has played with progressive rock and roll blues alternative psychedelic bands, Wejah Stone, the undecided,WUB and HodgePodge before turning his attention to his solo work. 

His Solo Albums have generated much press and many fans world wide. The Music is a mix between folk story telling and ambient trance.  His videos and animations are a clear insight into the workings of his mind. Whether it is his Art, Photos, Films, or Food, he leaves a footprint that disguises and distinguishes him all at the same time. 

Although he has lived all over the U.S. he has remained in Durham, PA for the past few years. 


Heath Millett is on LASTFM


Music is like the flu,

You Can't help but share it!
The songs on this website represent the lives in which they mirror. They are a story told by those who play and share in the creation of the art.
Some stories are full of promise and glory, some tell a tale of the sorrows that befall us all, and then again some are personal and private. 

On the site you will find songs that will help famiiarize you with the events that have shaped us, molded us and made us who we are. Life's rhythm ebbs and flows as our consciousness searches for the meaning, hidden or not. 

While the Quality of the sound may not be what you are used to, all these recording have been done by the independent spirit. some on 4 tracks, 8 tracks, digital mixers, cell phone recordings, built in mics and live capturing devices. 

Some songs get stuck in your head, some get stuck on paper, and then some get the attention to become recordings that can be shared by everyone. Please enjoy and share with those around you!


It was the first Grade...
Since Jared Pagan and I were in the first grade, we ran around pretending that we were rock stars (crime fighting rock stars that saved damsels in distress and used instruments as weapons).... It was the first grade.

As we grew older, we used Cassette recorders and Hi Fi stereo's with input jacks to play his brother's guitar and record our selves singing with Billy Idol, Generation X, Twisted Sister, the Ramones, Ratt, all my mom's 45's and Laura Branigan ( was the first grade) on my grandfather's record player.

I still remember the logo. It was a etched on my bookcovers and all of my notebooks in a pseudo Van Halen script meets the third grade. We came up with the name while looking at a doorknob assembly. ( was the first grade) it actually read: Metal Forges.

As we grew up in the now suburban then rural country side of Bucks County, we continued towards the most exciting thing we had ever known, Music. Back then we had 5 stations on the T.V. you could choose from. None of which had anything you wanted to watch. It was more exciting to take your transistor radio into the hayloft and jump off the top of the stacked bales into the loose hay on to the barn floor while listening to the Rebel Yell on the local rock station. One of 100 songs they played. We would listen for hours and finally they would play OUR song. then we would go nuts, as if taken over by some inner unknown fever that only lasted 4:59 but made you sweat and panic and scream at the top of your lungs "I love this feeling".

We continued to daydream about playing in a band. And so creative instincts kicked in! We made rubberband guitars. For those who don't know, a rubberband guitar is when you nail a three foot 2x4 to a square foot of plywood, using nails to hold the stretched rubberbands.

By the fourth grade Jared picked up a sunburst gibson les paul guitar from his brother and actually learned to play it! I continued to write lyrics and draw pictures of our crime solving, music making, damsel in distress saving island fortress. Complete with trap doors, hot cars, hidden rooms and Stressed damsels!
Unfortunately Jared and I both Switched schools after the fifth grade. He moved to Allentown, yo south mountain! and I... well that is another story.

Heath Millett on LASTFM

p.s.( although seperated by timezones for more than 25 years, Jared and I remain friends to this day and both still play music from our soul).

Off The Hip